Permanent Memorialization

This means creating a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember your loved one.

Private Cremation Care

Private Cremation Care

Loyal Companions Pet Cremation & Memorial offers families individual cremation, so that you know your beloved companion receives our complete attention. With private cremation care…

Your pet's cremated remains will be available, in a temporary urn, at our Center or your Veterinarian within 7 business days.

You will select a permanent urn from our product gallery, which will replace that temporary urn.

You'll receive our Pet Memory Kit, which includes:

  • Certificate of Private Cremation
  • Tribute candle
  • Pet Remembrance Bookmark
  • Comprehensive packet of grief information for the entire family
Community Cremation Care

Community Cremation Care

Your pet will be cared for on-site, in a community cremation. Because of this communal nature, your pet's cremated remains will not be returned, but scattered in our memory garden. You will also receive a Certificate of Community Cremation. And our exclusive Pet Memory Kit is available for additional cost.

Please call Loyal Companions Pet Cremation & Memorial at for more details on our Cremation Options, or stop by to tour our onsite cremation facility.